Resealing a Grant of Probate in British Columbia

Resealing of a will in British Columbia refers to the process where a will has been probated in another jurisdiction, and needs to be probated in B.C.  This situation typically arises where there are assets of the deceased in two jurisdictions.

Resealing the grant of probate essentially means that the B.C. court is verifying the grant of probate obtained from outside of B.C. The process of resealing is similar to applying for the original Grant of Probate with the difference being that assets in B.C. are the only assets specified in the application and thus the only assets that attract probate fees in B.C.

One of the keys in the resealing application is that the terms of the grant in the original jurisdiction cannot be changed and the executor or administrator from the original jurisdiction must remain the same.

If a will does not require probate in the jurisdiction where the deceased lived at the time of death, a grant for probate may still be required in B.C. depending on the types of assets the deceased held at the time of death.

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