personal safety apps abound

Personal Safety Apps Abound

Driving, cycling, kayaking, hiking, going out at night – these are just a few of the times when you may feel vulnerable. There are safety apps available that can provide peace of mind when you’re taking part in activities alone. If you believe yourself to be in a real emergency, you should call 911. But if you want extra assurance, find an app that best suits your lifestyle and your safety needs. Below are a few such apps that can offer peace of mind so you can enjoy your recreational activities.

iRescue: Working worldwide, iRescue can manage your rescue if you have a more serious accident. If a detection occurs, it triggers a two-minute countdown during which you are prompted to stop the alert. If unfortunately, you are hurt and unable to stop it, it sends automatically by SMS your help request and your location to your emergency contacts, who can react quickly in your favor. It detects all violent impacts, and immediately alerts people, without the need for you to touch any button of your phone. iRescue is available for through iTunes.

Samsung Galaxy’s “Safety Assistance”: The Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7 and Note line of phones have this feature. “Safety Assistance” is a built-in emergency tool that lets you notify pre-determined contacts that you may be in immediate trouble. It can be activated through your phone’s settings and once the feature is turned on, you can send an SOS alert by pressing your phone’s lock button three times. Information that is sent can include a map of your location, photos from your phone’s front and rear camera and a brief voice recording.

Bugle: Developed primarily for cyclists, runners and hikers for iPhone is great for people who like to leave their phones at home when they’re out. Users set the time for how long they plan to be gone and the route they are taking. If the fail to check in within the time limit, their emergency contacts are notified by email and text. This app is great for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as for people going on a blind date or meetings someone from a Craigslist ad. It’s available through iTunes.

bSafe: A personal safety app that is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices that provides a broad range of safety features. When you need help, bSafe has an audible alarm and immediately starts broadcasting video captured by your phone and your GPS location. Information is continually collected and recorded, and is sharable with police should it become necessary. The alarm can be activated manually or if you use the Follow Me Timer mode, a message will be sent out automatically if you don’t check in before the timer runs out. Family and friends that you designate as your guardians must load the app and create a bSafe profile. Available for on iTunes and Google Play.

There are many more apps available and the app you choose comes down to personal need. It’s worth taking the time to look at the safety apps that may be appropriate for your situation that can provide you with the added assurance you need to feel safe while you’re having fun.

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