06 Sep 2016 Attention Landlords and Tenants – Rent Increases

As many of you are aware, there are limits on rent increases for existing tenants in a residential rental unit.  Each year, the Provincial Government advises on the maximum allowable rent increase in a given calendar year.  The maximum increase in 2015 was 2.5%, in 2016 is...

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13 Jul 2016 ICBC’s Conduct Malicious

BC Supreme Court Finds ICBC’s Conduct Malicious in a False Fraud Allegation and Awards $350,000 in Punitive DamagesThe case of Arsenovski v. Bodin, [2016] BCSC 359, involves an action by the Plaintiff, Ms. Arsenovski, against the Defendants, ICBC and two ICBC employees, for damages...

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