Introducing Sitka Law

We are excited to announce that we have started a new law firm – Sitka Law Group! Why Sitka Law Group, you ask? Well, we have all either grown up on the West Coast or have lived here for years and have a strong attachment to this little piece of the world – it is a part of who we are. We also wanted our name to represent the strength of our environment and our home and felt that the Sitka Spruce offered what we were looking for.

The four of us – Ken, Stephanie, Christian and Gurpreet – have worked together for a number of years and we decided to establish a firm that represents our values and beliefs.  Our hope is to create a professional yet enjoyable environment for our clients, our staff and ourselves while continuing to provide quality service to our clients.  It is very important to us that our clients are not only very pleased with the results that they receive but also that they enjoy the service that they experience.

Should you have any questions or just wish to say hello, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to renewing acquaintances with all of our existing clients and introducing them to our new team and our new location, while also meeting new clients.